The following commands are often used by developers in Linux environment. This is very helpful for peoples who ever entering Linux world .

For windows user, you can try this commands using CYGWIN sofware. But I am not sure that all the below commands are working there or not.

Commannds Comments
cd Change directory
cd .. Change directory one level back
cd ~ Change directory to root
pwd Print working directory (Display current directory)
mkdir test Create directory
touch test.php Create file
rmdir test Remove directory
rm test.php Remove file
cp test.php test/ Copy file to another directory
cp test.php test_old.php Copy file and create as new file “test_old.php”
cp -r test/ test2 Copy folder and create as new folder “test2”
ls Directory list
ls -alh  Directory list with detailed information . This is often used by developers. for eg: we want to see the size of file or file modification date
ls -lrt
ls *.php List only specified extension
clear clear window
tab Tab-completion makes typing out long file paths much faster!
mysql -u mysqluser -p mysqldatabase | gzip > db.sql.gz Dumb the sql file with gZip
find ./ -iname “test.php” Find file
grep -iR test./ Find file which is having the string “test”
chmod 755 test.php
chmod 644 test.php
Change the mod of file
view test.php Read only
vi test.php Read/Write
:q! Quit without save
:x! Quit with save
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